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The Curse is Camping inspired game created by Flamingo Fan Club. The game was based off of a Animated Web show call Zo Zo Zombie because Albert got sponsored by Spin Master who created Zo Zo Zombie Web show. Game featured 2 character from Web show, Isamu and Zo Zo Zombie .The game debut in I made a disturbing Roblox story game.... The game currently only has 2 endings.


Help Isamu and Zo Zo in an epic story game adventure!


  • NeverTrustBob (Builder)
  • Jandel (Scripting + Project Management)
  • MrFlimFlam (Creative Lead)
  • Many others! Thanks!


We get introduce by Isamu and Zo Zo Zombie . We learn that Zo Zo is a Zombie and is Friendly. We then go to street to get Donuts. After we cross street. Isamu then warn us to watch over the car. Zo Zo then saw a rock. Isamu press Zo Zo to touch rock. While player or you try warn Zo Zo to not touch it. Zo Zo touch it and Zo Zo whole body turn into skeleton. He also got taller. Zo Zo made big hole under you. You follow direction from Isamu to go down. Isamu then warn you a Fire wall coming toward you. After you run away where Fire Wall cant get you. Isamu came up with explanation. That rock turn Zo Zo to demon. Isamu then command you to grab Sword from Skeleton. Zo Zo then appear and talk about he gonna kill you. A player or you then disappear. So Isamu told us to follow him to find missing player. We then soon see them or you in a cage. We get option to leave them died(Kill Player or you.) or press Green(Save them or you.)or Red(Kill Player or you.). We then continue path and see Cart with missing parts. Isamu then tell us we can use carts to escape. Isamu give us order to find parts for cart. After you found all Parts. Isamu then order us to get on Carts. He then command us to jump off Carts to avoid touching Lava. We then go to another path and see Red key and it cause a earthquake. We then see entrance to what Isamu think to be exit. But it turn out be dead end when we enter it. Zo Zo appear and Boss Fight start. We use swords from earlier in story to attack Zo Zo. After Boss fight. Zombie Bus then crash into Zo Zo and Zo Zo turn into his normal form.

Main Ending[]

After 2 year from event. Where Swimmer touch stone which same as stone Zo zo touch. It then get brighter as red and swimmer try Swim away. Oh no sister!


In the game you can find a cameo of Temprist. He can be seen next to his pizza place, Temprist's Pizza which Albert added and then forgot about.

Dhyrbfyty also appeared as a cameo character as well as for the thumbnail for the video for the curse