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The Chill Elevator is a Roblox game full of Flamingo memes and creations.


The game works like an elevator, but every 30 seconds it displays a floor with something Flamingo-related, like Earthworm Sally and Felipe. During the Floor levels, some players can get items, like in the easy obby, get mutated and sometimes get killed by Felipe through red lasers.

The game has also lots of items like the chill face, emotes and game passes.

While the next floor is loading, the elevator displays songs like "Rockefeller street" and "Congratulations OOF version" for 30 seconds.


  • The creator added himself in the game as an NPC which fights ChillTart in three elevator levels.
  • Flamingo revisited The Chill Elevator in his video, "ROBLOX L E G S", as well as visiting L E G S, Flop, Public Bathroom Simulator, and the Chill Diner.