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ThePlagueMast3r is the attraction of the video, WHAT ROBLOX TEACHES KIDS... (goes wrong).


ThePlagueMast3r says, "hey" to Albert (littleboywhoisagirl2). Albert says "what do you want?", Plague says "Do you want Some Robux and OBC", littleboywhoisagirl2 says "yes of course", Albert briefly mentions that it sounds like a scam. Plague suggests Albert for him to add him to give him the so called Robux and OBC. Flamingo gives him a friend request, but ThePlagueMast3r doesn't seem to notice and asks Albert to friend him repetitively. Albert says "hi", and after that, Plague says "Do you want now", "yes" littleboywhoisagirl2 says. ThePlagueMast3r says "But I have credit card", "don't give out your card number dude". Plague asks for Albert's pas and he will "send it to him", Albert makes up a password called "Imalittlegirlwholikeponybutt123", Plague notices that the pas is wrong. "Oh wait that's my other password, 1 sec" Albert replies. Albert gives out a password named ribbit23, which was his actual password at the time. Plague says "wait a Music 20 K", Albert did not get what he was saying and said what. Albert was then logged off the littleboywhoisagirl2 account, Albert then logs back on and Plague says "did you change password" and unfriends him.