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Like you be... Fart!

-TheKiller2019lol about xBasicx0.

TheKiller2019lol is the book who was in Albert's Rap Battles game.


In the video Flamingos Roblox Rap Battles entitled “literally Roblox's worst rappers ever”, he was commonly seen rhyming (ridiculously, according to Albert) meaningless things, like the classic "wanna fight, lets get it tonight, in teh flight, scared of the light ". Since then, he has become a fan of Albert along with his friend MoLovesRainbow. He recently changed his avatar and broke his friendship with MoLovesRainbow. Perhaps this is best said in an epic spin off.


In his classic avatar, TheKiller2019lol wears a Blonde Spiked Hair, a Chainsaw man pants v.1 (Bloody diarrhea pants, according to Albert), and a Voltron Shirt.

Recently, TheKiller2019lol is wearing a Crimson Shaggy 2.0, a NEW RED CAMO SUPREME RED CAMO SUPREME RED CAMO, an "Err ..." face and pants ♚🅻🅸🅼🅸🆃🅴🅳♚ Black Ripped Jeans.


  • At first he thinks it's funny, but then he gets mad when Albert spam "ugly scp tato", just like his friend Mo.
    • TheKiller2019lol says he hates Albert and calls him a criminal. He defends his friend MoLovesRainbow while she says she is crying.
  • He is good friends with fellow user MoLovesRainbow, who was also a main character in the same video.

The epic rap battle against xBasicx0[]

xBasicx0: Oi u! U came from a Zoo! Oh, wait! Who actually r u!?

Albert: Excuse me... That's TheKiller2019lol!? I'm a biggest fan!

xBasicx0: You get slapped

TheKiller2019lol: Don't u get the sack! I don't be at a zoo! I ain't a boo! So get the too and i wont loo! Wanna fight, let's get it tonight! In teh flight! Scared of the light! Make it bright!

xBasicx0: You is a little boy.

(Can't see the rest of the verse)

xBasicx0: You baghead!

TheKiller2019lol: Oh, i must be smart! Like u be (insert a long and good laugh from Albert here) fart! I ain't get a boy! I ain't get a teen! I aint't get u! I ain't let u! So get it to fix u!

Albert: Rap about robux!

TheKiller2019lol: Do you have... like that bo.