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Thanos are a race of roblox players who usually have a purple skin color, they can also be referred to as Patrick the star.

They can also be called "thanos" if a player has been colored by a subspace tripmine

Thanos's/Patricks are a rare race discovered by Albert.Only a few people have encountered this magnificent beast and Albert is one of them

Thanos's are usually described as noobs with purple or pink skin.Albert usually calls them Thanos or Patrick

Thanos/patrick in albert's videos[]

Cratus the Warlord[]

Cratus is a rare type of Thanos and the only one.He is encountered in "Roblox's RTHRO has made everyone disgusted..." video made by Flamingo,where he showcases an ugly character who he calls Thanos.Cratus is the only Thanos/Patrick that is not an idiot or noob.He has 70836 IQ and is smarter than the average Thanos like Tiffanicross,whose IQ is 1,way more than a average Thanos's IQ which is -99999