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Thaizsanches is an account that made it's debut in the video Roblox custom admin became VERY UNCOMFORTABLE... , uploaded by Albert himself, in which said Youtuber found multiple clones of this account laying on a baby bed inside one of the houses, despite there being no traces of the original account being in the server.


Thaizsanches is an account that made it’s first and only appearance in the previously mentioned video , in which five clones of the titular account are found on a baby bed inside one of the houses. The Youtuber then puts them in a stroller, dropping each one down the staircase, as he questions the reality of these instances of this accounts in a comedic manner, he tries to use admin commands to decipher which is the real account. This leads him to discover that these instances of the account are some kind of clones, and that the actual Thaizsanches seems to not be in the server anymore.

Sadly, this comedic relief account never reappeared in future videos, and probably never will.


  • The clones of Thaizsanches all have grey skin, are bald, and are in posession of the baby morph.
  • This account, despite being a one in a kind event, has never been mentioned at all by Albert or his friends.
  • Thaizsanches has only 15 place visits, 4 favorited games, and has only joined a single group, that being “Rumble Studios”.
  • Quite a decent portion of her friends have the Roblox remake of the horror game Granny in their favorites, which, judging from her badges, she has played.
  • Thaizsanches has her Roblox item inventory hidden.


Thaizsanches clone