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TestAccount00003211 is an account used by Albert in order to trick players in the Island Life Roblox game.


I used Roblox ADMIN to trick noobs with "FREE ROBUX"[]

In the Island Life, Albert creates a hell (literally), accessed by a teleporter, written "FREE CASH". Hell had a basic jump parkour, which most took a long time to get through. After parkour, players could access the main map again. In this video, Albert has an avatar of Bacon Hair - In the next video the avatar is already different.

I use Roblox ADMIN to BAN EVERYONE if this noob can’t do the obby...[]

In the Island Life game, Albert made a floating obby and a platform made of glass where you can spectate it. He then teleported everyone to the platform, put jwanrretr246 in the obby and stated that if he failed the obby, everyone would get banned. Jwanrretr246 died on his first jump, making everyone scared, and they were all banned 1 minute later.

Albert did the same on other servers but switched to the geanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN in the middle of the video.