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Does anyone need a massage?


I could have sworn I had a few more limbs...

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Terry comes from the video [1] Roblox admin ruins her.… she’ll never online date again 😔. Terry is a strange individual, approaching Attractive (Albert/GeanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN), (Pikachu030509 (Pika Nomela), XXAngel KorXx (Ash/Not Taken), Giagaga07 (Gigi/Single/Bff:Kelly), and Soccer lover12436 (Kelly/kind/shy/Bff:Gigi) and asking all of them if any of them need a massage, it was also seen that before he asked if they needed a massage, he had said, “What about you guys?” Meaning he was going around the game and asking people this question. Albert says he is going to rip of his limbs, but forgets about him when Kelly tells the group that she is powerless, in response, Albert rips her hair off her scalp. After Albert returns his attention to Terry, who has swam back to shore with Ash, after alberts notices him again, he removes his left arm, both his legs, and his sunglasses. In response, Terry states, “I could have sworn I had more limbs.” Which causes Albert to laugh and mock him, this also causes Ash to run away. This is the last time he is seen. He is a victim of the Wedge Head Incident.