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Template of Cleetus is game created by group call Cleetism, in 8/16/2020.


The game is the headquarters of the the group, used to worship the persona of Mrflimflam named Cleetus. It is currently the only game created by group and debuted in ROBLOX CULT OF CLEETUS. The game lost popularity during 2020.


The Temple of Cleetus
The Temple of Cleetus is the ancient headquarters of the Cult of Cleetus. Here we conduct very legal experiments and sacrifice ourself to our god cleetus.
Make sure to join the group!!/about
Credits: BRlGADE - Head Developer, the sole developer of the Temple V2.
MissMiskit - Artist/Creator of Thumbnail/Icon.
Yeah_Ember - UI
0_Nooks - Creator of Cleetism
mrflimflam - Helping Cleetism get to the point it is.


Explore map that have Chambers and statues of Cleetus and sacrifice yourself to get badges. You can also go to meeting held by the group or conduct experiments.