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TellingCoop is a minor character in the video "I advertised my FAKE Roblox game... and made it creepy" where Albert makes a free version of Bloxburg ,but hid disturbing stuff in it to scare little kids. He tells Albert "I'm actually a game developer". Albert said "im better" TellingCoop offers Albert help to make the game better "I could help you" ,but Albert makes a comeback by saying "I could help YOU."

hi this is a completely different person but Im not 100% sure if this is correct but from what ive found TellingCoop was possibly hacked and got their account terminated. Edit by Blanky-Spacey

reply to "completely different person" Yes his account got hacked and termed and the last display name was this "DeletedBy17kFake" what is 17kFake? Edit by Hiamnotaperson

I tried searching up 17kFake along with DeletedBy17kFake to see if I would find anything but there wasn’t anything.