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teamof is a user who gave Albert legendary pets in Ninja Legends, as well as make a verbal appearance in another video.


teamof is a Roblox player who had given Albert (mrflimflam) three high-ranking pets in Ninja Legends. those pets were an Evolved White Phoenix and two Void Dragons as a trade, in which Albert happily accepted. It is possible that he had given him those pets simply because he was mrflimflam in that server. In any case, Albert had shouted him out to his audience as a thanks. Later on in the video, Albert thought about getting stronger and betraying teamof for his good deeds to him, although he never actually did it.


teamof never actually made an appearance in the Ninja Legends video, but was shouted out by him because of his good trade, so his avatar then is unknown.

Teamof reference

His mentioning by robloxlover244623.

In Albert's "I used ROBLOX ADMIN to MAKE LAVA RISE..." video, a Roblox user by the name of robloxlover244623 mentioned teamof saying to go check his Roblox profile, while also saying that he is "coo coo in head, but he cool," in which Albert said, "What?" It is unsure whether he is referring to teamof exactly, or another person with the same name but with numbers, but based on his status then, he's most likely the person.

Robloxlover244623's character

robloxlover244623's character

Today, his current avatar consists of the Poisonous Beast Mode face, Frozen Hair for Cold, Thor's Stormbreaker, Mid-Summer Horns, Neapolitan Crown, Spider Cola, Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni Oni shirt and pants, the Comedy mask, and the Full Metal Top Hat. He also uses the Robot Climb and Fall animations.


  • teamof is the owner and creator of the group No No Squares!
  • It could be possible that Teamof is friends or knows robloxlover244623