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"Boy im a he you a pee boy im the king you the ring boyy 😎😎" -Tay Tay

Tay Tay Debuts in "His roblox girlfriend hated his rapping..."


In the video, Tay_Tay5889 is seen wearing Blonde spiked hair, A Green Jersey, Black Jeans with sneakers, Stylish Aviators, Smile, and Tan skin. Currently he uses the same outfit but with the Silly Fun face.


Tay_Tay5889 was seen rapping for his Online Dating girlfriend named s7398, making rather unique raps almost always with "😎" somewhere in the text.


Tay_Tay5889 is shown at the beginning talking to his "girlfriend" s7398, talking to each-other about how Tay_Tay5889 loses, until Flamingo steps and asks s7398 what is wrong, and tells him the same thing. Tay_Tay5889 sees them chatting and tells Flamingo to stop talking to her, but he ignores and continues talking.


Tay_Tay5889 saying one of his signature lines.

Then, coincidently, Tay_Tay5889 and Flamingo get chosen to go on stage and rap against each other. Tay_Tay5889 is seen some of his quotes, but ends up losing.

Tay_Tay5889 argues with Flamingo, but says "B" and leaves.

Later, Tay Tay rejoins while Flamingo is up and begs for forgiveness. Flamingo agrees, and they become friends.

While Albert raps against diamondmincatr, Tay Tay insults diamond, supporting Albert.

The last sighting of Tay_Tay5889 is when Flamingo leaves after Tay Tay plays hide and seek with him, and Flamingo pretends he couldn't find him.


Underline: said/readed by Cooldude(Albert)

Bold: Not said/readed by Cooldude(Albert)

"You good you look sad"

"Aye stop talking to her"

"Boy move"



Boy im a he you a pee boy im the king you the ring boyy 😎😎"

"You have a ###### i have a map car boy ### #### like i said you a pee i a he im the king you the dummb ring😎😎😎😎"

"Catboy mone like Rat boy"

"Im the best little baby you not a ### #### #### mom boy ### #### bπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ"

"Fire in yoir face you jest mad becaue your mom is dumd your dad is to boy"


Boy im the best your mom is #### # boy fire(the tags was supposely to be a word "dumd")

You good you look sad

"Im sorry ok cool"

"He is the best of you"

"He got money cool dude"


"Goooooooooo cooldude"

"Im the best boy pee b"

"Do not play wiht the king you ring ######"

"Boy what shut"

"Im heard"

"Wassup ri"

"Cooldude you with to play hed and seek" (Tay_Tay5889's last word in the video)


  • Tay_Tay5889 fell into some drama with his girlfriend (s7398), when he "couldn't pay the bills."