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Tavisgamer6 is a Roblox player who debuts in I used Roblox ADMIN to make a PET STORE... and I controlled the pets. He created his account on December 30, 2019 and is an inactive player on Roblox.


I used Roblox ADMIN to make a PET STORE... and I controlled the pets[]

He was firstly shown when Albert walked up to him, inviting him into the pet store for a free pet. Tavis responds with "yes please", following Albert telling him that the pet will be rare one day.

Upon arriving to the pet store, Tavis asks Albert "what is rare", to which Albert responds with "Unicorn the rarest."

Tavis takes interest into the unicorn telling it that it's Tavis's "best thing." That is until Albert starts controlling the unicorn, making it defecate.

Tavis being concerned and covered in unicorn diarrhoea goes back into the pet store only for Albert to be missing. As he is trying to find help for his unicorn, Albert commands the unicorn to explode, killing both it and Tavis.

Blinded by imbecile greed, Tavis walks back into the pet store, he places a decoy piñata claiming that the unicorn grew up, and asking if Albert will buy it back. Albert responds to this by killing him in the back of the store. Unable to understand what just happened, Tavis informs everybody about the "demon" that killed him, leading to Albert ultimately nuking the server.


  • Tavis's account was created the same day the video was uploaded.
  • Tavis is apart of the Flamingo Fan Club.