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SweetxChe is a minor character which appeared in Being RUDE in Roblox voice chat...


SweetxChe is talking about how everyone understands that if you get Covid, you can die, which Albert joins the conversation and replies with "That stuff ain't real!" Albert's response causes SweetxChe to snicker and just reply with "Mmm'kay." Albert replies back with a similar response to what he said before, stating how he doesn't believe in that, hiding the fact he truly does believe in it. SweetxChe falls back onto the ground, no longer flying, as Albert tells him that he's breaking the rules, and then waits for his response. SweetxChe, in confusion, replies with "What?" Again, Albert replies that he doesn't have permission to do that, and then types a command that kills him as he laughs at SweetxChe's dead body.

Supposed Impersonator[]

There's an account with the same name as SweetxChe but instead as their username. It is believed that they're an impersonator, due to how the C in "che" is lowercase.


  • SweetxChe is a game developer.
  • SweetxChe's former username was "RobloxZombies7".
  • As of now, SweetxChe only owns eight bundles which cost robux.
  • As of now, SweetxChe only owns two decals, which are both made by ItsMuneeeb.

Trivia (Impersonator)[]

  • Sweetxche's about on their profile states "Be honest I look good in woman’s pants flamingo/Albert is right" on Roblox.
  • Sweetxche's last badge before becoming inactive is Eliminated from Outlaster.
  • According to the group titled "Blob", Sweetxche was friends with the group owner, Nfbdxcvd, who coincidentally quit Roblox the same year as Sweetxche.
  • Sweetxche seemed to be an avid player of Outlaster before the time they quit, according to their badges.


  • Due to losing in Outlaster, Sweetxche quit Roblox.