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Survival The Jeff the Killer is a Roblox game based on a creepypasta that gets hundreds of daily players. It has gotten hundreds of millions of visits. There are many spinoffs of the game, one of which was made by Albert himself, called "Survival The Spongebob The Killer".


The game is basically a flat world with a giant treehouse where the players spawn and a "Jeff" NPC that kills near players on the ground, nothing actually being genuinely scary or fun.


Survival From Jeff The Killer!


  • Many users have criticized this game for inciting a "Pandemic" of low effort copies with only the killer being changed, or having more free models added to it. (such as the Crossroads tower 2.0)
  • It is 100% made out of free models.
    • Albert has mentioned in some videos how he doesn't know how a low effort game like that could get millions of visits.
  • It is mostly populated by new players, who don't know yet what games are genuinely good and should be played.
  • The Gameplay is genuinely boring, as it is mainly running away from the enemy/enemies, putting on hats, and basically lounging around.
  • It has caused the Original Tree house model to be stolen, as it was reuploaded as "Treehouse Survival FREE"