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SurvivalGameDev is the account Albert used to create Survive the Spongebob the killer and is featured in Making a TRASH Roblox game popular with advertisements....


SurvivalGameDev is an alternate account for Albert that he used in Making a TRASH Roblox game popular with advertisements... In that video, he makes a new account (which is this one) and makes a game which is a copy of Survival The Jeff The Killer except the killer is Slightly More Yellow Spongebob. SurvivalGameDev starts to rip things from the Survival The Hulk The Killer and eventually advertises his game for 40K robux. New players start to come but the game is empty, but when he resets it, the game refreshes to its normal state. His game quickly got traction and after some time later, his game got 4,670 place visits. He then continues to update the game to copy other games he is copying. At the end of the video, Albert states that he wanted his game to be on the popular page, but never made it. However, his game got very popular to where it was number one on top rated at one point and the popular page.


  • SurvivalGameDev has the most place visits of an account that Albert has made with over 25.8M+ when it got banned in October 2, 2020
  • A YouTuber with over 10M+ subscribers named LazarBeam played the game that SurvivalGameDev made.