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Hi i'm supersniper_tank i'm a big fan of flamingo, pro at arsenal and suck at obbys.

I have a group called Lockheed Clothing Group and heres da link!!/about

err i made Maze of killers and some stuff.

I am nothin' but a friendly err faced plane fan!

INFO: (down)

GROUPS: Lockheed Clothing Group

GROUP RANKS & JOBS: -Cargo pilot for Pilot training, member for Adopt and raise fans

FAVORITES: Brookhaven RP, Welcome To Bloxburg, Pilot Training Flight Simulator


DISPLAY NAME: Plane_guy20

Heres da link for my current avatar:

This isn't anything about Albert because this is my personal page.

I do hope i appear in a flamingo video at some point, and i also hope he makes a video on all you readers of the AlbertsStuff wiki!

Thank you for reading this page and i hope i get the time to read yours!!!