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Superpanda01112 is a player who appeared in "HIS ROBLOX GIRLFRIEND HATED HIS RAPPING...", not much is known about her right now


She was rapping with Baconhair442266, at the first she couldn't accept that Baconhair442266 is going to win so she said that shes going to win this and can't believed that herself talking like that. The next is roasting her, but ended up Baconhair442266 wons (2-1).

The next round is CoolDude and Robloxer22461, Superpanda01112 supports Robloxer224461, instead of just watching them both, she also roasts back CoolDude. After the round ends, ended up tied(1-1). The round begins again, Robloxer22461 said that Cooldude is bad and sad, Cooldude ended up resetting and acting like hes sad, Cooldude begins to said that he hates her, Superpanda01112 laughs at him and the next round is Cooldude and Superpanda01112, ended up CoolDude leaving the game


  • Superpanda01112 has said to Baconhair442266 that she doesnt have robux to play bloxburg, while Superpanda01112 doesnt have robux too
  • She really hates CoolDude that she can roast him.