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"Big noob. This is the face of BIG NOOB."

- mrflimflam

sunkenland is a user who was the biggest player in size in Hole Simulator, which Albert tried to reach in size.


In Albert's Hole Simulator video, his first server had sunkenland as the top player, with about 42 million in size. mrflimflam spawns in sunkenland's hole, assuming he was stuck in a dark void. He realized he was in her hole, though, and soon complained about her immense size, saying that her circle is pixelated. Albert saw things falling around and complained about a hacker, and saying it is broken. He then "climbs" up sunkenland's avatar until he sees her face, stating, "Brother, don't you think it's time to play a different game?" After that, mrflimflam made it his goal to beat sunkenland in size, mainly by spending robux at this game to increase his size. Later on, he commented on her face, saying that this is the face of a big noob, while also saying that she is crying in real life after seeing him take her stuff. Soon after that comment, he leaves the server, not realizing his size resets when he joins a new one. Later in the video, Albert tried to find her in a different game, but she left before he could yell at her.



Her original avatar during the video.

In the original video, her avatar looked like this, which the image represents. Since then, she had changed her avatar.


How she looks like today.

Today, sunkenland has changed her avatar into what the image on the right represents.

She is currently wearing the Roblox Girl body, the White City Beret Hair, the Freckles face, halter w/ shorts and high socks, the Emotimask: Energized, and 90's Original Beige Argyle Vest. She also uses the Stylish animation set.


  • During the video, Albert first addresses sunkenland as a he, although he changes it when he first encounters her avatar.
  • sunkenland has changed her name to a display name called SpeakNoEvil.