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"sun are you enjoying your bacon flakes"
— Su tart dad in Sad Story.

Su Tart's Dad (spelled as Su Tart Dad) is a fictional Roblox character that was originally created by Roblox user Popcornlady1238. He is the father of Su Tart.


Su Tart Dad is the father of Su Tart, the main protagonist of Popcornlady1238's Sad Story. In the story, he wakes Su Tart up so he can eat his Bacon Flakes. Su tart exclaims that he doesn't want to go to school because he gets bullied, but Su tart dad says that he has to go school. He then sends him to the bus and says bye as Su tart goes to school. Su tart dad has had many adaptations throughout the Sad Story meme on the Flamingo channel. Sometimes, he is paired up with a wife named "Su tart mom" who was created by the community.

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