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One of the bully illusions that Su Tart spawns


"huh.what i am? i got to hurry."

— Su Tart's first line in Sad Story.

Stuart J. Poptart (Otherwise Know As Su Tart) is a fictional Roblox character that was originally created by Roblox user Popcornlady1238. Su Tart made his debut in the video Roblox's most trash sad stories :'( -NOT CHILL-. He is the main protagonist of “Sad Story” and the main antagonist of “Attack on Albert”.


Su Tart has the appearance of the former default avatar you got when you joined Roblox (nicknamed to "Bacon Hair") He is seen using the Institutional White with the Smile face and the Pal Hair. He uses the Man Left Arm, the Man Right Arm, the Man Torso, the Man Left Leg, and the Man Right Leg. Finally, he is seen wearing the Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt white the Dark Green Jeans.


Su Tart is seen as a very weak person and wimpish as seen in his debut video where he is mostly unable to stop the harassment he is getting from the bully, Katie. He is also seen to be carefree in other versions of the Su Tart story and can sometimes come off as dumb. However, on occasions he can also be evil and cruel with a very powerful nature. He has strong powers, which he uses on rare occasions if he is angry.


Su Tart is the young main protagonist of PopcornLady's Sad Story. In the story, it shows his life as he goes to school while being bullied by being called "bacon." When he goes to school, he is seen being bullied by a girl called Katie and her friend group whilst being protected by a girl named Jena. When Su Tart gets a death threat from Katie, he tells the principal and the true bully of Katie is exposed. Su Tart is then beaten up by Katie because he would tell the principal if another bullying to happened to him. He then goes to the hospital, but quickly returns to school and tells the bully he got a video of the bullying. Katie then says sorry, and Su Tart smashes the film. It is presumed he and the bully became friends at the end, though not confirmed. He then gains mysterious powers from an unknown source, and abuses this power to kill all bullies in the world. He has been seen terrorizing Paradise Life and attacking the people of Ackistan in Attack on Albert. He is then defeated by the civilians. His powers include summoning people and the sun, flight, and pyrokenisis. He also holds a sword. Called "Blacon"

Ironic Stories

After the video of Albert, the character "Su Tart" became a famous meme in the Flamingo Fandom which started a lot of games unrelated to the actual story. Most of these games would fit an ironic tone like IMakeBadStories' games about Su Tart. They could be horror related like with 0CROWNED's version and how he created the character "CREEPY" and made a 5 part story of Su Tart and Su Tart Dad (along with other characters) trying to stop CREEPY. Some of these games would end up on the front page, usually being on the Top Rated section of the page.

Su Tart Related Characters

  • Su Tart


  • Punch
  • Epic Chill Power
  • Raining Sun (NON CANON)

Su Tart's Retribution

  • Blacon - Su Tart slashes using a blade made out of bacon.
  • Taunt - Su Tart points his hand upwards with a floating bacon on it while saying "What's wrong? Scared?".
  • Staggering Stomp - Su Tart stomps the ground stunning anyone nearby.
  • Flake Fragmentation - Su Tart launches a bacon flakes box towards the enemy killing them.
  • Cereal Killer - Su Tart takes out a box of bacon flakes and starts to shoot deadly cereal out of it. After 3 seconds an orange beam comes out from the box.
  • Karmic Retribution - Su Tart spawns an illusion of a bully that starts spamming insults at the enemy.
  • Father's Vengeance - Su Tart spawns his dad next to him. When he aproaches an enemy Su Tart's dad kills them instantly. Dissapears after some time.
  • Nova - Su Tart floats up in the air spawning a giant and fire-ish replica of his head. The head then shoots a laser towards everyone in the server killing them. When the head shoots every player in the game, it explodes causing everyone to die again.

List of appearances


  • The original creator of the Su Tart game (Popcornlady1238) tried to sue a creator of one of the Su Tart parodies (0CROWNED).
  • Su tart appeared as the villain in a game Albert played named Attack On Albert.
  • In ROBLOX FIVE NIGHTS AT SU TARTS, Albert states that the endoskeleton he is playing as looks similar to Su Tart's skeleton, possibly meaning that Su Tart may be a robot.
  • Su Tart may or may not have a mom. His mother never apeared in his original story nor in anything made by Popcornlady1238. She was never mentioned in the original sad story either. The fans created a mother figure for Su Tart called Su Tart Mom but she is yet to be confirmed canon by the original Su Tart creator.
  • Kaden Fumblebottom has an actual tattoo of his Roblox character and Su Tart inside a hollow heart.

Quotes (Su Tart's Retribution)

*laughter* (When he activates his powers)

"You will regret ever bullying bacons" (When the powers are activated)

"What's wrong? Scared?" (Taunt)

"STAY THERE" (Stomp)

"Don't get away" (Stomp)

"Now die!" (Flake Fragmentation)

"EAT THIS!" (Flake Fragmentation)

"Have a taste of this!" (Cereal Killer)

"Time to die!" (during Cereal Killer)

"I'll show you the pain..." (Karmic Retribution)

"The tables have turned!" (Karmic Retribution)

"Come here dad!" (Father's Vengeance)

"Dad didn't call me sun for NOTHING" (Nova)

*laughter* (During Nova)

"Time to DIE!" (During Nova)

"This is my revenge." (After Nova)