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Styrofoam Mickey Mouse is, like his name states, a dude who hates his life version of the Disney mascot Mickey Mouse.


Styrofoam Mickey Mouse is part of the Styrofoam Heads which are characters created by Albert using Styrofoam Heads, ink and brushes. Styrofoam Mickey Mouse was showcased in the end of the I became Roblox mickey mouse video as a peace offering so Disney doesn't takes down his video.

He also appears in the Harry Potter themed video, I used Roblox magic to ruin lives, which he stabs Mickey Mouse as a magic spell, a symbol of the owner of Harry Potter, which he assumed it was Disney, with scissors. After that, he realized that NBCUniversal owns Harry Potter, which he admits was a big mistake on his end.



  • Even through Albert calls him Mickey Mouse, he has Minnie Mouse's ears and a red eye. He seems to be the only Styrofoam head still alive.