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Stygian_Dusk is an upcoming Myth and a member of The Days Union and The Night Coalition.


Stygian_Dusk lives in a dimension that is only accesible through another dimension where The Wanderers Of The Field group takes place in. He has his own group which, translated from japanese, is called "It can not be helped". His group contains members from The Days Union, from The Wanderers Of The Field and AloneTraveler.


I got trapped in a creepy Roblox group...[]

After Albert enters Supreme_Divinity's gate, he gets sent to another dimension and meets Stygian_Dusk, Serene_Dusk and Eternal_Dusk. Stygian_Dusk doesn't say anything, but Eternal and Serene repeated the message that Albert received a Divine Punishment and will be meeting Stygian_Dusk in the following weeks. After that, he gets kicked from the game.