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Streety is one of Albert's old accounts that was created on March 29th, 2008.


Streety was one of Albert's old accounts that he used. He is known as the second account of Albert after Crimson0. Streety was an account used for ROBLOXHub, an old channel account by Albert. He also had another channel called StreetyROBLOX, which was mentioned in "Reacting to cringey Roblox DATING videos"

it was later uses for the hunt becuse Mrflimflam was banned for 1 day and was in ROBLOX PULL A FRIEND TROLLING with Kaden after that he was using Mrflimflam for video again.

Spamming Incident[]

The final video uploaded to ROBLOXHub was GETTING BANNED FOR SPAMMING ROBLOX! In the video, Streety is playing a game with the actual Roblox account and he spams while the match is going. A few moments later, Roblox bans Streety for spam. He was banned for 14 days.


  • Streety's join date, 03/29/08 is used as a code in The Smiles Family keylock.
  • This account is prominently known to be used in Albert's old ROBLOX skateboarding videos. (ROBLOXhub and ROBLOXskatemagazine) as well as on his older videos on AlbertsStuff
  • The reason for this is that during 2010, ROBLOX added skateboards as a new feature to the game, and Albert (who joined in 2008,) enjoyed Roblox skateboarding so much he started skating in real life. (as shown in some of his videos.)
  • In some videos, Flamingo does use Streety's account, such as in testing games like "Fish Game (FREE ADMIN)". He also used this account in "RUINING ROBLOX HUNT FOR EVERYONE" as his main got banned for 1 day.
  • One of Streety's free models, ''army of zombies'', can be seen in a video here, at around 0:29.
  • In Albert's video, "RUINING THE ROBLOX HUNT FOR EVERYONE," he uses Streety since his main account was temporarily banned.

Sources[] - Albert uses his streety account in 2024