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Starbucks_RealOwner is an account Albert used in the video "We made a ROBLOX CAFE... and poisoned the drinks", where he worked as the only waitress in Boys and Girls CAFE.


Starbucks_RealOwner equips the woman body package, and has a warm ivory skin tone and the Woman face. She has the typical attire of a coffee waitress, but lacks any sleeves. Her apron has a coffee icon on it, and long penny brown pants with beige shoes and a collared camel beige shirt, with brown chestnut hair.


Starbucks_RealOwner worked at Boys and Girls CAFE, and served the customers drinks. The drinks were poisoned and injected with something fatal, causing the customers to die and/or suffer major side effects to them. When the customers were poisoned, the game would auto send a message that they didn’t type in that says: “Why are you doing this to me” and “When i get my first opportunity i will kill you.” eerily.