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Star_girl088 is an Roblox player who is known for creating the Bully Story Roblox game.


On October 26, 2017, star_girl088 created a roblox game called "bully story" and it gained 242k visits before Albert's video on it. Star_girl also included herself in the game as a NPC who narrated the story and answered questions.

In the Roblox sad story video, Albert played the game while looking for non-ironic roblox bully stories. Her Roblox game was featured in the video.


Her game is called Bully Story. It was about a girl named Lily, who got bullied by 3 girls, named Emma, Candy and Alice. Lily first got bullied when Emma said "It would be fun to kick the noob" and then Candy replying "It's true hitting her would be fun".

Then, after that, Lily was seen with rocks being thrown at her. She was asking "What did i do to deserve this?". Then, a boy named David, helped her by lifting up Candy while saying "Stop or your friend will be in trouble!" then Candy said "Stop... Friends stop!"

However, after that, David was seen helping Lily with her looks, from a bacon to a blue-purpleish hair. Then Emma, Candy and Alice asked her "By the way, did you see a newbie? His name is Lily and he has a bacon of hair.". (asked by Alice to be clear.)

And then Lily said "Hey, that Lily your talking about is me!" which resulted to them being shocked and asking her to be their friend. But actually, They were faking. They were trying to make her go to a party without anyone there. David heard everything and tried to warn her, but she didn't believe him.

When she arrived at the Party, she realised he was right. When she got back from the fake party, he said "What happened?" and then forgave her for not believing him, then they hugged. After 16 years, David and Lily got married. The bullys (AKA Candy, Alice and Emma) went to jail for "stealing a store".

Her game is currently private, and you can't play it. Though, if you see the video, you can see Albert playing it.


"If you suffer from Bully look at this, not everything ends badly, there is always another way to follow, in life there are always parts of happiness

Edit 2021: A few months ago I connected to my account after years and I never expected to see that this game got so many visits and even appeared in a video, thank you. I was thinking of eliminating it because it makes me a bit ashamed, but in a way it's a memory so I won't"


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  • Favorites 2,690
  • Visits 408.5K+
  • Created 10/26/2017
  • Updated 4/23/2021
  • Server Size 10
  • Genre Adventure
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  • Her game is private.
  • She has 406 followers.
  • She has 32 friends.
  • The only game that she has public, is her place. (Every Roblox player has a game like this.)