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Kia want to team up with the boys?" -sstumer


Sstumer Pronounced (es es to͞omər) was a player that appeared in ROBLOX MR BEAST GAMES and was a competition to albert


She was first seen being called out by albert for her appearance, Later on she was being punched and punched

Over and over again even though se was just trying to survive.

She than climbed a tower with everyone else until drebaybay43 smacked her, Kai asked if she was alright but there was no response until drebaybay said no need to fight (even though he hit sstumer) Which made her ask Kia if they want to team up, she agreed to but drebaybay said he is "nice guy" (even though he just punched sstumer) and before albert dissconected sstumer was shown climbing in place.


  • drebaybay could of punched her because of 1. it was a miss click or 2. he hated her avatar.
  • She still has not known she was in a flamingo video
  • THECHILLMAN is her only friend on her profile