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"ded please give me rubux"

--- Spone's first line

Spone is a fictional Roblox character made by user FrLunate (formerly ColleenHD). He is the main protagonist of "sad story" and made his first and last debut in the video this roblox sad story has me shaking and quaking i cant stop crying.


Spone has the appearance of the default boy avatar when you first join Roblox (also known as Bacon Hair). He also has the exact appearance of Su Tart. When he becomes rich, he has a monocle, a mustache, a top hat, a suit, and a gold staff with a diamond on it.


Spone is usually normal and is kind of friendly. Sometimes, he loses control and kills people as seen when he kills all his girlfriends. He is also known to be courageous as also seen when he told Ms. Malinda (Spone's wife) that he was going to war.


Spone's appearance when he was normal


Spone is the main protagonist of "sad story" created by FrLunate. In the story, Spone is seen asking his dad for Robux and then he gets bullied by a pro and Spone says "ur the bull". After that, he goes to the prom and tries to date a girl and the girl accepts his date. He then goes to his classroom and his teacher asks him what 4 + 5 is and Spone says 9 which is the answer to the equation. After that, both Spone and the teacher get blown up by a rocket launcher. Spone survives the rocket but is still bleeding from it and he dances since he is still alive. Then, a soldier tells Spone to join the army but Spone hits the soldier. The soldier then hears the application paper, Spone writes on the paper, and the soldier accepts Spone joining the army. Spone then dies because one of the enemy soldiers shot him and Spone bleeds. After that, Spone goes to school for his 2nd day. When he gets to school, a rich man gives Spone 12414214124124124 robux and he becomes rich and gets 2 girlfriends. The girlfriends are a girl with sunglasses and a purse and a hot anime babe. Spone then goes on a rampage and kills all of his girlfriends. Then, a girl named Ms. Malinda marries Spone and he is happy. After that, Spone says that he is going to war and Ms. Malinda tries to stop him from going to war. Spone kills all of the enemy troops and the enemy leader is mad so the leader says that he will kill Spone and he remembered his dad. After that, Spone gets exploded by a bomb and dies. He is never seen again and is rarely mentioned after that.

Rich Spone

Spone's appearance when he was rich