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Split is a Roblox obby game played by Albert in Roblox SPLIT... and made by Ripple Creek. The game introduces a mechanic where players have to split half of their bodies to complete the levels. The game also has voice acting.


Welcome to Scion Labs!

Here you'll be using Split technology to solve puzzles and navigate obstacles. Can you beat the odds and complete all the tests?

Note: This game is subject to have its leaderboards reset with no notice.

If you keep getting disconnected on join it is either a result of your internet or your save being locked as a safety measure. Wait a few minutes before trying to rejoin if the issue persists.

This game may have issues with physics on low performance devices. It also has issues when run on the Microsoft store app specifically. It's something that's being looked into. You can try mitigating these issues by lowering your quality level.



Splitting is one of main mechanic in the game that the creator of game used to make levels for Split. It's a mechanic that allows you to split your in-game avatar in half. You can control your in-game avatar when split by pressing R to control the Upper or lower half of the in-game body.

Upper Half[]

The Upper body can grab a Green cube and throw it but cant jump.

Lower Half[]

The lower Half can jump but it cant hold items.


Snap is one of the main mechanics of the game that the creator used to make levels. Snap is a mechanic that allows players to link together the Upper and Lower Half of the player body. If Upper Half and Lower Half are near to each other.


Subject 452(The Player)  is testing split technology for Scion Lab. Where Scion Lab is running series of tests challenging cognitive and platforming ability.