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Split is a one-time Admin Command used by Albert in the video "ROBLOX EARTHWORM SALLY ADMIN COMMANDS".


Split's body is white, his shirt is orange and his pants and gloves are black. His head is split in two floating parts and, while walking, his split head can move a bit, creating a tiny orange shockwave.


Split is one of characters/skins in Paradise Life's Ultimate Trolling GUI, along with Earthworm Sally, Mech, Solario, Beat and Gigachad. Just like the other Admin Commands, his purpose is to troll and kill players. His abilities and weapons are deadly and can kill players in one hit.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Lasers: After holding left click, Split shoots at whoever the mouse is aiming at. His lasers can kill in one hit.
  • Bomb Barrage: When this ability is activated, Split will start throwing deadly bombs everywhere.
  • Big Bomb: Split throws a bomb that can kill several players at once.
  • Splitting Aura: Split overheats the area, killing every player near him.


  • Albert hates the fact he can't mute the music Split plays without muting the entire game.