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Sonicmovieouton14th is an account used by Albert to play the Roblox game Break In.


First Attempt[]

Albert used the account in the video ROBLOX BREAK IN..., where playing Break In. Upon joining the game, Albert decided to play as a "Kid" because it's easier for new players.

Albert then plays the game normally, collecting items, walking around and getting hurt sometimes. When he went to sleep, his room was attacked by Scary Larry's Henchmen. Since he was a kid, Albert was unabled to fight them but still survived. In Day 2, Albert helped put planks in the windows to stop the villains from entering the house.

In Day 3, Scary Larry enters the house and the players are forced to hide. Unlike them, Albert doesn not hide properly and gets killed by Scary Larry.

Second Attempt[]

On his second attempt, Albert manages to hide properly and survives Scary Larry.

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