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How he looks like today

This Soldier on a Segway a.k.a. PremiumAimbot was a soldier in the Roblox US Army.


PremiumAimbot appeared in the "Roblox private chatting people insults so no one believes them" video. His first sighting was when Albert joined the US Army Academy game. He told Albert that he needs to go inside and that has 10 seconds. Albert did not comply and got killed. Albert was getting spawn killed by the other guards and PremiumAimbot was nowhere to be seen. Later, he appeared around the middle of the video. Albert went back to the spawn and saw PremiumAimbot riding a segway. Albert shot him down and started laughing because it looked like he fell off head first off the segway. After that he was never seen again.


Nothing is know about him. He barely spoke.



"10 seconds."