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Softball_yesss was a robloxian that appeared in I used Roblox ADMIN to make a PET STORE... and I controlled the pets, he first got a brown dog, then he got a beige dog.


He initially worked at Jasmine's/Albert's shop but left after KingRapDeezy's dog had diarrhea. Subsequently, he expressed a desire for a pet and inquired with the pet store owner. Later, he reset himself, his brown dog reset with him as well. He returned to Albert, and Albert mentioned that he had mistakenly taken a dog for a deer during a hunting session. Following this, he acquired a beige dog, which he named "Micky" (or Ya). Jasmine then caused Micky's eyes to bleed and made the dog vomit. At that point, Jasmine triggered two explosions, the second of which was fatal and led to Softball's demise. He did not appear in the video again.


The video shows Softball donning a gold and red Adidas hoodie that features the iconic Adidas logo in the middle. He is wearing black pants, adorned with a gold belt around his legs, and sporting gold Adidas shoes. Beneath a black and white bear mask, he dons black-faded sunglasses and also wears headphones with sides resembling 8-balls. His hair is black with a widow's peak.

His "No soul" appearance is him without his shades. He lost his face.


He first had a brown dog, and when he died, he now had a Beige dog.


  • He had the most screen time, follow by Sawsawsaw222 and KingRapDeezy.
  • His dog's name was named Micky.