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Soccer_lover12436 (more notably Kelly) was in Pika's friend group. She appeared in "Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again".


Kelly was a member of Pika's friend group and held the distinction of being Gigi's BFF. While socializing with her wizard friends (excluding Gigi), it is noted that she did not possess any wizardly abilities, explicitly asserting her lack of magical powers. When Pika bestowed spell books upon Kelly, the house there collapsed. Albert also applied ugly 's appearance. Subsequently, Kelly was observed actively defending her friend Gigi from Neanabod. She also was a victim of the Wedge Head Incident. Just like her friend, she became Mario Time.


Kelly made her initial appearance in the water, establishing her as Gigi's BFF and a member of Pika's friend group.

Following Ash's demonstration of "spells" and subsequent discussions within the group regarding their respective abilities, Kelly exclaimed, "I have no powers!" Subsequently, Albert utilized Btools to alter her appearance, resulting in the loss of her hair, leading to her expression of confusion and frustration.

In the aftermath of the collapse of Pika's house, Albert further modified her appearance, eliciting a reaction from Kelly who uttered, "What the." She remained absent from the video until a later segment.

Later in the video, Kelly reappeared when Albert observed a dispute between Gigi, Neanabod, and herself. She took a stand in defense of Gigi against Neanabod and found herself involved in the Wedge Head Incident. Similar to her friend, she underwent a transformation into Mario Time.


She is very shy and kind. Based on her RP name.


  • She is the only person in Pika's group that is currently inactive, having last played around April 2021.