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Slobbybobby57 is a Roblox account featured on Albert's twitter on Feb 9th, 2020.


Slobbybobby57 uses the Medium Stone Grey color scheme with the Man Torso, Man Left Arm, Man Right Arm, the Man Left Leg, and the Man Right Leg along with the Man Head and the Check It face. He wears the Green Jersey shirt with the Crazy Mario t-shirt covering it and the Dark Green Jeans. He wears Frostee's Drone hovering above his shoulder with the Safer Internet Day 2020 Cap on his head with him wearing Tony's AR Glasses on his face with Cisco's Headphones on his neck.


On February 19th, 2020, Albert posted a tweet simply saying slobby bobby 57 which got 631 replies, 276 retweets, and 4.7K likes. It was a meme in the thread of that tweet due to him just randomly saying his username. Slobbybobby57 has 2 fan accounts dedicated to him, with one being one of his friends on ROBLOX.


  • Interestingly, if you go on SlobbyBobby57's Roblox profile, he is seen to be part of The Flamingo Fan Club and one of his favorite games is Survival The Spongebob the killer made by an alternate account of Albert called SurvivalGameDev.
    • Additionally, the only person SlobbyBobby57 follows on Roblox is Mrflimflam which we know to be Albert's main account for Flamingo.
  • When Slobbybobby57 said "slobby bobby 57," he meant to put "hi im slobby bobby 57" but mistakenly put the phrase we know today.
  • He is 17. [1]