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The title for the game.

Site 76 is an SCP roleplay game made by Yellow Gearworks, who created Witching Hour. It currently have 8.8 Million people who played it


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👁️ Welcome to Site-76, an SCP inspired secret prison compound responsible for containing both inmates and SCPs! Understaffed and wild, breakouts are a regular occurrence.

👮 Play as a Foundation member labouring to keep the facility functional and arrest delinquents, a prisoner seeking to escape, or contain SCPs in this chaotic sandbox brawl!

💣Start riots, disguise as other players, release (or play as!) SCPS to cause mayhem, take up contracts to assassinate players, begin heists to steal strange objects for a mysterious organisation and destroy foundation machinery to impede their jobs!

☢️But remember, if the situation gets out of control, then the facility itself may be sacrificed in an explosion of nuclear proportions!

Type /name for custom names. 4 Foundation Staff are needed for stats to save in VIP servers.

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