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This article is about the Roblox game. For information about the character see Siren Head.

Siren Head: Rebirth is an Roblox Horror game based on Trevor Henderson's creation Siren Head.


Players will spawn somewhere in the map, sometimes far away from the other players. It will always be night time and players will hardly be able to see without a flashlight. There will be several items through the map such as guns and money. You can also buy gamepasses to get powerful weapons.

During the game, Siren Head will wander through the map looking for players to kill and, once he finds one, it will grab the player and slowly eat they until they die. After dying, players respawn naturally. In order to survive, players can either run, hide inside houses where Siren Head can't enter or try to fight Siren Head.

It is possible to kill Siren Head by using weapons, but once you kill it, Siren Head will respawn somewhere in the map.

However, Siren Head is not the only creature in the map. There will be other Trevor Henderson creations which are Long Horse, Country Road Creature, Cartoon Cat, Bonesworth, bridgeworm, Milkwalker Assombrado and some military soldiers, all of which are able to kill the players as well.


  • In the description of the game there is a message thanking Albert and others for playing his game.
  • Every time the game updates the creator increases the number in the title.