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This article is about the character. For information about the Roblox game see Siren Head: Rebirth

Siren Head is a urban legend created by Trevor Henderson in 2018.


Siren Head is a fictional creature notable for having sirens with mouths as heads. In most games and stories, Siren Head is a antagonist that murders people and emits loud noises when encounters people. Several games (Including Roblox games) were made based on him, most of which the player(s) have to survive or kill him.



In the video, Albert played several Siren Head games in the video. He first plays Siren Head: Rebirth V0.1.0 by BloxyColaThief, a very realistic game where the main objective is to survive, find guns and kill Siren Head. Albert also encountered several other creatures created by Trevor Henderson, such as the Bridge Worm, Country Road Creature and Long Horse.

After dying to Siren Head several times, Albert plays a second Siren Head game by CaptainSpinx, which is less detailed and doesn't have as much roads as the Rebirth. In the game Albert keeps walking until he finds Siren Head. Albert finds a player and goes to his direction so Siren Head can chase him instead, but Siren Head ignores the player and keeps chasing Albert until he kills him. Albert then gets kicked out of the game.

Albert then plays a third siren head game, which was basically a SCP cell containing Siren Head and nothing allowing Siren Head to escape.


  • Siren Head has been known as SCP-6789. It was unofficial if Siren Head is a SCP.

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