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sillylilly4732 is a player who was most likely playing on mobile in Albert's admin construction worker video.


sillylilly4732 is a mobile player who was severely lagging from Albert causing all the houses in Island Life to collapse or unanchor. Because of this, she asks whether it's her data or the game causing her phone to lag, which Albert responds by saying "It's your phone it's broken sillylilly", as a joke, which she agrees with. Another person named gamedown245 said, "is my pc bad", which Albert notices, realizing they are aware of the lag the collapses are causing. He then deletes the homes, and sillylilly falls in a hole, which she questions why. He then says that her phone is broken again. Right after, Albert turns all the homes into McDonalds restaurants, and she says, "guess ## ##### ## really laggy" (my phone is). When gamedown245 said "Date", sillylilly says, "game", and that she will never find love so she should stop. Albert says yo momma never found love, and she yells STOP, and that her mom is hot.

she also seems to have a samsung galaxy s5 as she had also sent a message saying "my samsung 5 is bad"

it could also be a samsung galaxy j5 or a5 but we aren't sure


Today, her avatar is simply an acorn hair avatar, although it's most likely the case, as she can design her avatar in Island Life. Since then, she most likely hasn't played Roblox since, as she still only has one badge from Island Life.


  • Maybe from that broken phone thing, she never played Roblox since.