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"ok this is cringe"

- Shxdxwwz while watching flareto and MiguelitioFriendly competing

Shxdxwzz had a minor appearance as an antagonist in ROBLOX SACRIFICE SANCTUARY 2.


While in the middle of watching flareto and MiguelitioFriendly compete, Shxdxwwz insults MiguelitioFriendly and exclaims that spectating how horrible he is at the competition is cringe. After the two of them finish competing and MiguelitioFriendly coming out on top, the next challenge begins and Shxdxwwz wins and becomes the house royalty. He chooses herobrinelord54clone and Albert to be the sacrifices in the next competition, then lies that the game chose random.


Trigger warning, Harassment, Death Threats, Cyber-Bullying topics ahead, click "Show More" to view.

After the video came out, numerous accounts with names such as "ShxdxwzzISNOOB" and "ShxdxwzzUGLY" started following him. Due to the young and immature audience Flamingo has, they likely didn't know how screwed up this was.

Following this, accounts that're meant to give Shxdxwzz death threats had appeared, like "ShxdxwzzDIE" and "ShxdxwzzShouldDiae".