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"well well well... how the tables have turned"

- Shonee to Albert after she became the power player

Shonee is the secondary antagonist in "Roblox WIN or get embarrassed"


Shonee is a part of the powerful girl alliance in Albert's elimination tower video, consisting of Bubbles, Blossom and Shonee herself. Shonee is a good player yet is the worst performing in the alliance, she gets one power player win and placed 5th overall.

Shonee is nominated the first round alongside Bubbles, Albert and "god" . Although she managed to make it and got god eliminated from the competition. Later on Shonee gets nominated again on purpose because she wanted to compete. Her, Blossom and Jonah were in the round and Shonee and Blossom easily beat Jonah. In the next round, she wins power player for her first and only time and and she puts the 3 other people that aren't in the alliance up for nomination. Albert, Mal and Papa, after a close fight then Papa bit the dust.

Her elimination is a shocking one, It's in final 5 where the girl alliance, Mal and Albert are left. Bubbles knows that Mal is bad so she chooses to put Shonee against Albert knowing fully well Shonee would be eliminated.

Shonee's personality is very wannabeish, toxic and mean. Her goals are to win and eliminate everybody outside her alliance and especially Albert.