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She Be Bad is a song by Albert Aretz.


The song makes its debut in the video, I made fun of Roblox players while looking THIS UGLY..., in which he pretends to read a poem written by his great-great grandmother before her death. The poem refers to what leeblockz has said in chat.

Later on, the "poem" was transformed into a song, also using other quotes from Albert later on in the video.


May her soul rest in peace, boi, yeah

[Verse 1]
Leeblockz is going to end our lives
Leeblockz is going to thrive
Leeblockz and she be been she be been she be been, been, been been

[Verse 2]
Needless get in trouble her friend because
She Be Bad
She Be Bad today
To school
If She Be Bad,
I should everyday
And then she be been, sheep

[Verse 3]
She been school
And she got to work
And she been seen, seen, other than watching
And she be bad
And she be,


  • The song may be inspired by Cardi B's, "She Bad" song.