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Oof - Shadow2008

Shadow2008 is a user who joined in 2008 and is most known for their Chainsaw man pants v.1 pants that were made in 2008.


Shadow joined in January 26th 2008. In May of 2008, Shadow had made the pants Chainsaw man pants v.1. It was one of the few pants on the roblox catalog that was added. Shadow was popular forum poster at the time with over 2000+ posts.

For a long time, Albert would be making fun of users who would wear the Chainsaw man pants v.1 because of its simple appearance and how it looks ugly. Albert would refer to it as "Bloody Diarrhea Pants". Since Albert made this reference, it became a popular meme in the roblox community. In a video by Albert called "Roblox took something from us..." he talks about the Chainsaw man pants v.1 deletion and the Gold Chain t-shirt deletion. He talks about how the creator did a simple design of the pants with a black box and just red scribble on it.


  • Shadow's Chainsaw man pants v.1 pants as of now are Content Deleted.
  • The Chainsaw man pants v.1 are one of a few free articles of clothing made by users.
  • He joined 2 months before Alberts oldest accounts, Crimson0 and Streety.
  • Shadow2008 has actually gone online recently in the past few months, and from his profile description, he claims the Chainsaw pants have been deleted before the current deletion from 2021.
  • In his favorite sections he favorited bring back chainsawman pants and gold chain by albert