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— Seth - Sad Story.

Seth is a fictional Roblox character created by Popcornlady1238 that made his debut on the original Su Tart Sad Story. He is Su Tart’s classmate along with Jena, Katie and the unnamed student.


Seth is a character exclusive to the original story and doesn't appear in the movie adaptation. In the original story, he has a very minor role as he is seen drawing and trying to talk to the other classmates while Katie is bullying Su Tart.


Seth is very absent from everything else and focuses on what he does and nothing else. Seth is most likely absent-minded because he is distracted from what is happening in the room and talks about his drawing but has nothing drawn down. Albert gives him a dumb voice when he talks about his painting.

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  • He is one of the few characters not to show up in the movie adaptation.