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Sergdrreyt is a Roblox player who is mostly known to saying the numbers 22 and 5.


Serg has purple skin, blue hair, a Sonic t-shirt, a backpack and a mouse on his shoulder. Also, in his current appearance, he has lost all of his hair and the rest, except for the skin, so he most likely lost his clothes while doing something.


In the video, Albert Aretz was going in Auto Rap Battles (we don't know which game it was anyways) and stumbles across some weird people and also meets to mostly known Xxxnoobking1986, later in the video, Serg is seen saying "22", Albert says that it is the Devil's number, but after Albert and Noobking were fighting, Serg says "5", and then he leaves. What a weird encounter.


- 22 and 5 actually mean something, we currently don't know it yet