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shoots girl

its ok

  —sebsebsebsebsebesebe [[src]]  

sebsebsebsebsebesebe, who will be referred to as Seb for the remainder of the page, is a player who appeared in Roblox custom admin became VERY UNCOMFORTABLE....



Seb's current avatar has the Shiny Teeth face, Blonde Spiked Hair, a black Supreme shirt with a gold chain, and the Ripped Skater Pants. He uses the ROBLOX Boy bundle.


When roleplaying as 'alex sherriff of this city single cool', he wears the Man Face, Stylish Aviators, True Blue Hair, and a police uniform. He uses the default body.


Around two minutes into the video, Albert spots Seb (playing as alex sherriff of this city single cool) at a party, where he is trying to arrest the person who started it. Albert thinks his name says "obese" for a moment. After he gets it right, he begins trolling by making NailaTheBest2345 say that she had diarrhea in the hot tub. As Naila notices what happened, she says there is an admin. Albert mutes her and continues force-chatting.

Eventually, Albert makes Naila tell Seb to end her with a sword. Albert gives Seb the sword, but he seems to not notice he has it. He tells Naila "i can arrest u". Albert gives Seb the Cop hack with the Ultimate Trolling GUI, but he doesn't know how to use it. He roleplays shooting hope34256, at which point Albert just explodes her to get it over with. Seb says "its ok" after this, causing Albert to make a joke, "It's ok, you're just dead now".


  • "come on guys to the jail"
  • "no partys in city limits"
  • "ok who started the party thats whos going to jail"
  • "come ma,"