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The Schmingit Family is a family of 5 (including Albert Aretz with 4 kids: "Schmingit" "Schmingit(2)" "Schminga" And "####". 2 dying as a toddler and the other 2 dying as an infant.


On the 1st of September, 2023, "Jimothy" had bought an egg for 5 dabloons, after being shocked by the egg cracking open, a baby boy comes out. He later names the child "Schmingit". After trying to get into a home, he runs into The Child Muncher, He eventually finds a van with the label: "Questionable Orphanage Services", and out of haste, Jimothy sells his child for 1 Dabloon and laughing at The Child Muncher. After the tragic night, Jimothy hatches another egg acts like he didn't sell his former child, naming his second son "Schmingit(2)" A few minutes later, he accidentally feeds "Schmingit(2)" a squirell. After explaining why he did, he attempts to find a home, Failing to do so. He finds a vaccine that could be bought for 3 dabloons and he thinks about it. But when he stumbles across a pipe bomb, he buys it. When the night was ripe. He attempted to blow up the Child Muncher, using the pipe bomb, accidentally exploding "Schmingit(2)". 2 Days pass, and yet again, he runs into The Child Muncher. After a long run from it. "Schmingit(2)" tragically gets eaten by The Child Muncher. Even though he eventually manages to kill The Child Muncher, he still writhes in pain from the death of his children. Later, he hatches yet again another child, realising it's a girl, he names her "Schminga". After threatening to hit Schminga in her face. He realises her entertainment is running low, and decides to play with "Schmimble" hide and seek. He eventually fails to do so and he gets blown up, after running back to Schminga to see if she is alive, he sighs in relief after knowing Schminga is alive. After going AFK for a while, he realises Schminga got eaten by The Child Muncher because she lost all her entertainment. He hatches a new egg and names the baby "####" . 1 Day pass and he climbs the Bloog Nature Trail. But as he climbs up it with his son. A snake falls from nowhere and he gets biten by the snake. After the incident, He continues to climb and when he reaches the top. He finds a minigun. He waits for night and he attempts to shoot the child muncher, but it doesn't work. Out of nowhere, a snake comes in and bites both of them. Jimothy runs away, trying to save ####, and he tragically dies from poison. He screams in rage and he decides to do whats best: He jumps off the edge.


  • Schmingit(2) was actually a girl, but he didn't notice.
  • Albert might've named #### a slur.
  • The reason the minigun not worked is probably because he didn't load it.