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Scary Larry's Henchmen are a group of people who appear in the Roblox game, Break In.


Scary Larry's Henchmen are all the same with The Crook Torso, The Crook Left Arm, The Crook Right Arm, The Crook Left Leg, and The Crook Right Arm but has the hands of the the ROBLOX Boy Left Arm and the ROBLOX Boy Right Arm. He wears on his head either the Really Black color scheme or the Ninja Mask of Shadows with the Comedy mask.


Scary Larry's Henchmen are a group of people who work for the main villain of Break In named Scary Larry who appear in ROBLOX BREAK IN... They all appear to terrorize the people in the game as "The Purge" is going on in the game. They break into peoples houses and eventually break into the house you are in (in-game) to try the kill them and die. Albert played Break In and encountered them many times but ended up being protected by other people. He eventually meets a Pizza Guy that's actually one of the henchmen of Scary Larry, who is eventually defeated.