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ScaryGonzaloGamer is a normal player with a rather scary avatar and is quite slow. He has a tiny hand, and gigantic fingers. In the video he was in, Albert noted that it would take him forever for him to get through the Paradise life Backrooms.


Having bad internet, ScaryGonzaloGamer walks real slow, and from this, he tries to buy a house, which Albert buys for him, referencing MrBeast. (buying a house for a fan) Later on, he is tased by another player, and then goes into the red house with Wooftydog, Loccolife37 and Black_KittyCZ, ending up stuck in the "Roblox Backrooms". After a while, ScaryGonzaloGamer left the game.



Gonzalo had some accessories stolen by the Avengers (Iron Man and Captain America) he also has a back of balloons behind him and has a little hand and a weird looking visor on his eyes, black hair, green jersey and black jeans.

His current avatar consists of: Roblox boy package, Gray skin, no hair, twitter shoulder pet, John's face from the John package (XBOX and Microsoft Roblox App exclusive), John's scarf from the John package (XBOX and Microsoft Roblox App exclusive), Captain America's sheild on his back, Wren Brightblade's pants (Metaverse champions exclusive), Classic ROBLOX Jacket and a Cowboy hat from the Lil Nas X Concert event.


ScaryGonzalos Fat!!!!


  • Unknown to many, ScaryGonzalos is not actually a noob. He joined Roblox in 2016.
  • He appears to be an XBOX user or someone who is using the Microsoft Roblox App judging by his current avatar because he has exclusive items to those platforms. And likely is and/or was not a mobile user.
  • He does not appear to know that he was in Albert's video.
  • There is a theory that in the video it wasn't the real owner of the account who was playing. It likely was a younger sibling on mobile. The real owner of the account probably logged in from their mobile device so the sibling could play. Which could explain how he looked like an ordinary noob, walked slowly as if he had poor internet connection and do random things aswell as saying nothing even though his account was made in 2016 which would implicate that he had some kind of understanding of Roblox, he has XBOX and Microsoft Roblox App exclusive items, and seems to still be active. It would also explain why the real owner would not know that he was in Albert's video. Because it wasn't him that was playing.