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Sawsawsaw222 was the third person to receive a pet and has it first to die on I used Roblox ADMIN to make a PET STORE... and I controlled the pets


Sawsawsaw222 was an individual who visited the Pet Shop. She didn't speak but received a unicorn. Flamingo turned invisible and chose to prank her pet. He induced a seizure in the pet, causing it to bounce around the map. She didn't notice her pet's erratic behavior until later. Afterward, she approached the pet store owner to ask about her pet's whereabouts. Flamingo then warned her that she could face legal consequences for animal mistreatment and even brandished a gun, and then fatally shot her.


Albert first noticed her when she was holding a heart. This was followed by an assumption that she was attempting online dating with Softball_yesss. When Softball obtained a pet,  Jasmine, the shop owner, gifted her a unicorn. Grateful, Sawsawsaw thanked Jasmine and left the shop. However, Jasmine decided to give her pet a seizure. Sawsawsaw222 attempted to retrieve her pet, but as the unicorn bounced, her pet vanished from sight. Upon returning to the store, Sawsawsaw inquired about her missing pet, asking, "my pet, where is it." Jasmine responded, "You're supposed to take care of it!" Sawsawsaw explained, "it runs out of me." Jasmine then told Sawsawsaw that she would be facing legal consequences for mistreating her pet. Jasmine then brandished a gun and fatally shot Sawsawsaw, she didn't return to the Pet Shop or later in the video.


Sawsawsaw222 is sporting a black spaghetti-strapped crop top beneath ankle-length ripped jeans that expose both legs and a pair of black and white Vans. Complementing her long blonde hair, she has adorned herself with a black headband, with bangs neatly swept to the side and coordinating long straight extensions. She's added a large lavender rose bow to her outfit, complete with white icing that appears to be melting and sprinkles resembling two ice cream cones. On her left, there's a chat message outlined in black, which is tagged.


  • Her display name is "bored"
  • English is probably her second language due to her bad English.
  • The first person at that server to get a unicorn....ever.